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4 Corner Tray With Lid

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4 Corner Tray With Lid box will present the items in an organized way. The items can be lollypops, chocolates, key chains, or so on. If these items are mixed and located upon each other, they would no longer be identified by anyone.

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Reviews and Discription
  • positive review  After searching and coming up with dead end it was a wonderful surprise and a glimmer of hope when I spoke with Michael this morning about my custom boxes. He was awesome as he went above and beyond to assist me with the design of the product I was looking for.

    Les Tsose Avatar Les Tsose
    March 7, 2019
  • positive review  I am running a cosmetic business since 2010 and dealt with by a number of packaging suppliers but couldn’t satisfy myself with the custom boxes I required. After searching a dozen of times on internet I found RSF Packaging. I contacted them to reshape box packaging for my cosmetic products and reprint them with high quality. When I received the order, I was blown away by the quality outcomes in the form of custom boxes. RSF packaging is now my preferred packaging supplier for all my packaging needs. I would definitely recommend them to other business owners like me.

    Fida Ul Mustafa Shah Avatar Fida Ul Mustafa Shah
    March 5, 2019
  • positive review  Good communication, great product. Not for those looking to skimp on costs; commitment to sustainability means a commitment to higher (though still reasonable) prices.

    Amelia John Avatar Amelia John
    January 22, 2019
  • positive review  Excellent choice, price, delivery - and in time for Christmas. Thank you!

    Susan Williams Avatar Susan Williams
    December 26, 2018

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High-Quality Custom 4 Corner Tray With Lid

Every time you step into a shop, what urges you to stay? The answer is the little captivating objects that are placed at the front counter in a stylish box. 4 Corner Tray With Lid box will present the items in an organized way. The items can be lollypops, chocolates, key chains, or so on. If these items are mixed and located upon each other, they would no longer be identified by anyone. However, if the similar items are placed in their place, they are easy to recognized and get appreciated by the customers as well.

Deciding which packaging for items that can help to make them stand out in any store or shelf is important. Also, if you want your brand logo to create a long-lasting impression. These basic rules are a crucial part of advertising. As custom 4 corner tray with lid box manufacturers, we take this very seriously and which is reflected in our packaging solutions.

Moreover, with the 4 corner tray box, you can make sure that your products are displayed for maximum effect. The lid on the box gives convenient closure and will hold light-weight products secure and safe from harm whether they’re at the assembly line or assembled manually. Each is designed specifically to provide a simple appearance. But they can also be personalised in line with the size, design and logo colours you want. When you consider that our custom four corner tray with lid is quite sturdy and come with 4 pop up corners, they may also be frequently used as beer trays. They also can be folded flat, and every corner has a diagonal score that allows the box to be folded inward from a collapsed position.

What is 4 Corner Tray?

Unlike different tray designs wherein the lid needs to be large than the bottom, RSF Packaging High-quality 4corner Tray With Lid cardboard packaging boxes have a clear tray which ensures the bottom and the top to remain the same during production. It has two glued flaps at the lids and on the tray while the middle closure flap is adhesive free. This guarantees that merchandise can be slid within the tray before the lid easily before it is closed, which makes this box perfect for bakery products like cakes.

4 Corner Tray With Lid Key Features:

1.Suitable for electronics, frozen food, household goods etc

2.Can display products for maximum appeal

3.Can be folded flat and stored easily

  1. The packaging is visible in any type of retail setting

5.Perfect for light gifts and products

Beautiful Customizations and Durable Packaging

The RSF Packaging is your one-stop shop for all of the stylish, beautiful customizations you could ever require on your packaging boxes, and we additionally assure the very highest level of protection for your fragile, expensive merchandise with our durable and quality materials. Personalize your 4 corner tray with lid boxes in materials like:

  1. bux board
  2. cardboard
  3. kraft paper
  4. corrugated materials

In printing with:

  1. embossing
  2. debossing
  3. gold/silver foil stamping
  4. raised ink printing

In surface finishes with:

  1. super high gloss
  2. stylish matte
  3. spot UV options

The chosen material thickness grade will guarantee remaining protection for all your retail products at the same time as adding the least bulk and weight to them with our lightweight but long-lasting materials.

Why Buy From Us?

In case you are searching out the supreme quality tray with lid packing boxes for your fragile retail merchandise from various industries, you’re at the right place. The RSF Packaging gives the most inexpensive wholesale prices for our packaging and on large wholesale orders. We also deliver them to you fast and free and don’t add any printing plates or cutting die equipment charges in your invoices.


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