Do you know that popcorn is regarded as a healthy snack? They are light and whole in fibre grains and help in reducing various health diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, some cancers and so on. On the other hand, popcorn is the most popular snack amongst people of all ages. Whether you are watching a movie in a cinema or your favourite sports, popcorn is a must. Pleasant popcorn boxes attract everyone's attention and also a convenient and easy way to carry this relished snack. Put your different flavoured snack in a variety of durable custom popcorn food boxes to augment the enjoyment.

The invention of these popcorn packaging boxes presents a great way to serve the snack to your valuable guests. You can have it manufactured and designed to match the theme of the specific occasion. For example, if you intend to serve this snack at a private party, flashy boxes enhance the guests' excitement and make it a double treat for them. It also makes a great source of advertising your product rather than just presenting them. It is an economical advertising tool that you get in the form of unique boxes.

RSF Packaging offers an extensive range of custom popcorn wholesale boxes. We work with our clients and design the best box that meets their requirements. No matter what size or quantity you want, we have got your back. Our team of designers are one of the best, so you are assured of getting satisfactory results. However, now we are going to dig a little deeper on how to buy the right boxes.

How to order the right custom popcorn boxes? 

The numerous sizes also suggest that they can be used for a lot of possibilities apart from what they are used for. In addition, they allow you to decide how big size of a snack you have in mind to present it at your company event, or if the cafeteria needs to get more sizes for the hungry players who just returned from their match.

Obviously, the bigger the sizes, the greater the need to have more sizes for the clients to select from. So this implies you can place your order in any size and quantity and we guarantee to deliver it.


The choice of having the type of popcorn custom boxes you want depends on your preferences. Whilst the box with engraved or printed logos are delivered, they are flat to save space. So that you have to fold them yourself when you receive them. We are able to make two different styles of the bottom; you can have it in manual or automatic form. In the former one, you need to fold the four tabs to make the bottom. With the latter one, it's pre-glued, and you just have to press the two corners on opposite sides to make the bottom. It is lots quicker. 


The minimum order you can place is 100 pieces, and the maximum has no limits. However, the one good thing about this is the more quantity you ordered less the overall cost would get. Other than that, the prices we offer are highly competitive and do not contain any hidden or extra charges.


We provide an express delivery option that makes sure your order reach your place on time and in good condition. But before placing your order, get in touch with us, share your details and know all about our delivery option. 


We print our popcorn food boxes with CMYK colours which implies that you can use several colours within the design without changing the price. Take out your inner creative personality and begin designing the layout of your life. You may use all the facets in your popcorn boxes in your design. In case you want to assist in making the perfect design, our team is available at your provider. We just want your brand logo and elements, and then we are pleased to make you a design draft, e.g. pink popcorn boxes.

In addition, the CMYK stands for cyan, magenta, yellow and key. So the name represents the 4 primary shades inside the colour system, which can be mixed together into almost 70% of all the colourings which might be visible for the human eye. It can also be referred to as the four-colour process and full-colour printing. The main reason why it's called the 4-colour process is that it uses 4 colours as primary colours. It is known as full-colouration printing. It is because the process permits you to use as many colours when making designs without paying anything extra. 

You may ask the reason behind these four colours being the base colours of CMYK, and why not other colours, so it becomes possible to match more than 70% of all colours? The reason behind this is the affordability. And also you get a wide range of colours when they are mixed together. It would be obvious that with larger colours, the prices would also be higher in comparison.

Where can CMYK be used?

Moreover, CMYK colours are used for printing on paper and especially white paper. The CMYK colour process is the standard technique for home printers. However, it is also used by a whole lot of printing companies to print flyers, posters and for a variety of different projects. Because of the low cost of the colour process, many manufacturers are using this colour process to offer clients lower quantities. 

The colour method is not best for printing on other types of materials than paper because the drops of ink ought to be placed exactly for the design to appear remarkable. For example, the materials such as plastic and steel are very hard to print on and frequently, does the print not stick before the press if implemented.

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The RSF Packaging provides full flexibility in permitting you to choose the design or colour you need. We personalize your mini popcorn party boxes in line with your necessities and at very lower affordable prices with free shipping of boxes. The style of custom mini popcorn boxes and small popcorn boxes are an inexpensive way to gain added publicity for your business or event. 

Get in touch with us for the popcorn boxes bulk to give your birthday party guests a combination of snacks and sweets to enhance your already memorable event.