Have you ever realized that you can make white boxes for shipping products? Are you unsure that this can actually happen? Well, we are going to discuss this in this blog.

The advancement of digital marketing and eCommerce has posed several massive problems and opportunities for merchants worldwide. The first and foremost thing to observe is that with this standard offering and shipping products, packaging has gained more importance than ever.

Make Durable White Custom Boxes for Shipping

Still don’t believe us, give a look at these little details, and you think you find them more useful. According to the latest survey:

1. On average, 51% of premium shoppers and 25% of other customers claim that custom packaging can make a specific product look more valuable

2. Overall, 44% of the premium shoppers and 29% of all other consumers will purchase from those brands that have beautiful custom packaging

3. Around 37% of premium shoppers and 22% of other customers share images of beautiful custom packaging on their social media accounts.

Although the research shows and gives clear indications of how essential this packaging is for the consumers and the opportunity it presents to the retailers, only 11% of them are fully satisfied with the eCommerce packaging they receive through shipping.

Now, are you convinced that premium and custom packaging can be a wiser move for your brand? Continue reading to discuss everything you need to know about how custom boxes can assist you in improving the revenue and make the sale.

Learn How To Make White Cardboard Boxes For Shipping In 5 Simple Steps

You need to identify what type of box will be the best. Choosing your box can be overwhelming in the beginning, but in reality, it is not that hard. So you can choose from:

Regular Slotted Container

It is a standard, normal shipping box with flaps that fold down and meet at the middle. It is then taped or glued as needed for assembly.

Full Overlap Container

The top and bottom of the box flaps overlap. This makes these boxes perfect for heavy or bulky products, giving more durability and rigidity, tape or glue as required.

One Panel Folder 

This is a standard form for mailing books, magazines, or media. It made it perfect for shipping flat items and taped as required.


It is popular for mailing or subscription-style boxes and requires tools that can increase the upfront cost. In this, several standard sizes of tooling are available.

Tray and Cover

These 2 piece boxes can be shipped to you in flat form and staple or glued for assembly. 

Half Slotted Container 

These standard shipping boxes contain no top flaps, and bottoms need to be sealed with tape or glue.

Measure The Product You Need To Ship

Take a proper measure of your products that you need to sell and ship before you spend a lot of time on the design of the box. It is also essential to initially determine the size of the box that you need. Measure all the dimensions in the right way and then begin with the manufacturing process.

Determine The Durability Of The Box

Like the size, the durability of the box needs to be determined by the product or products you need to ship. The bulky and heavier or more delicate items are, the stronger the box you need to consider. You can choose between three options, i.e., standard, strong, or extra strong, with a double wall.

Choose The Printing Options

Do you want standard or custom, or flexo printing? What is the difference? When it comes to standard printing options, the company can print various wording options or phrases like fragile or the side up.

RSF Packaging provides various options for color choices, how many sheets you need to be printed, and how big you need the images printed. The sky is the limit when it comes to custom printing.

Once you have decided on the type and printing options, it is the perfect time to place your order.

Why Order Custom White Packaging Boxes From RSF Packaging Now?

In addition to the manufacturing process of creating custom boxes, it can be done in five easy steps. At RSF Packaging, we have several years of experience as a retail packaging leader. In all these years, we have gained expertise in fine-tuning the designing and manufacturing of white customized boxes. We have a record of maintaining 99% of customer satisfaction, and that gives our clients peace of mind that we will meet their packaging needs without causing any inconveniences.

How We Meet Our Clients On Time Demands?

In a broader aspect, our reliability demands our dependable in-house process. We offer everything under one roof. At every stage of the process, let us maintain a total oversight over the finer details, quality, and speed of each custom-size shipping box. 

Moreover, our process includes various printing options that depend on your company’s packaging preferences. If you prefer to have custom shipping boxes with a logo, we can manage all your printing needs. We will encourage you to get the required services you need. We realize that you have a specific budget, so our main aim is to offer tht cost-effective packaging plans possible.

When you work with RSF Packaging for your packaging solutions, you can avail many benefits such as:


Our white mailing boxes are 100% recyclable materials that keep the environment safe from pollution.


With our simple and easy five easy steps, you can modify almost any feature of your packaging. From developing white mailer boxes with a logo to combining all shapes and sizes, we provide plenty of options to get creative.

Customer service

We are known for providing reliable and timely customer service. So if you need any further assistance or have a question in mind, we are just a call back from providing you with a quick solution.

Contact Us to Create Custom Boxes For Your Packaging

Moreover, we have made the process of ordering small white boxes and white gift boxes easy to pack your products securely and increase the revenue in no time at all. If you still have questions about the packaging process, then contact our customer support team for proper guidance and assistance, and we will guide you in the right direction in creating the best custom packaging.