Many people get confused and look for guidelines on how they can make gift pillow boxes to enhance their business and entice their customers.

What Exactly Is a Pillow Box?

Pillow boxes have only one flap and are delivered flat, similar to folding boxes. The packaging is elliptical and resembles a pillow when folded, therefore the name pillow box or pillow packaging. They have a distinctive curved design that sets them apart from normal packing. Various finishing options, such as blind embossing or hot foil embossing, are also available.

What are the different types of cardboard that may be used to make pillow boxes?

A pillow box can be made in a variety of ways. Using an adhesive flap, only two pages are stuck together. The self-made pillow box is finished when the two wings on each side are folded inwards.

For printed or unprinted pillow boxes, a variety of cardboard kinds can be employed. The purpose defines the material choice, which can range from high-quality duplex cardboard to fine white cardboard to corrugated cardboard. The pillow box is made of high-quality grey cardboard as standard. This cardboard has a smooth white surface on one side and is uncoated and matt on the other.

The benefits include a high level of stability and favourable printing qualities. When it comes to punching, creasing, and folding, the cardboard's process ability is crucial. The best solution by Rsf Packaging here is duplex cardboard or, if the quality standards are even greater, duplex cardboard for pillow packaging. Both kraft and white paper are food-safe, so you won't need any other materials.

How Do You Print Pillow Gift Boxes?

Pillow gift packs can be printed using a variety of printing techniques. You can have your printed pillow box digitally printed if you want to print quickly and cheaply while maintaining good quality. Offset printing is commonly utilised for larger batches.

The variety of cardboard types and colours available is nearly limitless. Printing options by Rsf Packaging include everything from ordinary four-color printing to full custom colour manufacturing. Pillow boxes can also have a viewing window, the size of which is determined by the size of the box. You decide whether or not to use a film to protect the container.

What Are the Prices of Custom Pillow Boxes?

Customers frequently inquire, "How much do pillow boxes cost?" This is a difficult question to answer in general. Essentially, the cost per box is highly influenced by the quantity of boxes purchased and produced. The price of cushion packaging is influenced by the following factors:

·         Dimensions and format

·         Printing style on the box

·         The substance that was used

·         The application of finishing

Purchasing Custom Gift Boxes/Wraps from Rsf Packaging Has Its Advantages

·         High-quality standards, long server life and durability Factory wholesale prices, cost-effective

·         Exquisite craftsmanship and unrivalled design

·         There are many different patterns, colours, and forms to choose from, as well as little and large gift boxes.

·         Accept bespoke design and OEM/ODM production from customers.

·         Before mass production, you can design and sample for free.

·         On-time delivery, dependable packaging, and transportation

·         Excellent pre-sales and after-sales service that is responsive.