Kraft boxes are created using a special technique and are made of brown-colored material. They are stronger than typical cardboard boxes and are named after the German term for strength. The materials used to create the boxes are all-natural, including natural wood fibers, paperboard recycled, and Sulfur. The higher density of kraft packages is due to the amount of sulfur in the materials. When used in combination with unbleached kraft paper, it adds another level of protection while still being environmentally responsible.

The most important characteristics of shipping boxes are their thickness and robustness. No matter how beautiful the packaging box is, it is pointless unless it shows its thickness and strength. All packaging materials come in a variety of thicknesses and strength levels. The stock that is being utilized to make the boxes is what gives them strength, firmness, and rigidity. The Kraft material is the hardest and most durable of all the packaging stocks.

Additionally, you'll be happy to learn that kraft paper is recyclable. Kraft paper naturally breaks down and doesn't harm the environment. It can be salvaged and reused, but it quickly degrades, reducing your brand's credibility as a forward-thinking business that is concerned about its environmental impact.

Do You Know What The Main Types Of Kraft Boxes Are And Their Use?

The main purpose of this blog is to help you in making decisions about which type of box is beneficial for your business type. To get an answer to your query, let’s take a look!

Kraft Box For Jewelry Packing

The best packaging available for the jewelry industry is Kraft cartons. Jewelry Kraft made boxes are the most practical and cost-effective packaging for storing jewelry or making a profit by selling handcrafted jewelry. These boxes are being used by well-known jewelry businesses to set themselves apart from competing brands. A straightforward Kraft box with a white foam interior is a wonderful option for storing and safeguarding jewelry like necklaces and earrings so that their brilliance stands out.

Kraft Box For Bakery Items

boxes made of kraft paper come in a range of sizes and forms and are built from durable materials. These boxes typically have handles to make it easier to move food. In bakeries, these boxes made of kraft paper are preferred for packaging cakes, pastries, and other baked goods. The Kraft box that companies use to package their goods captivate customers. Because of this, bakeries frequently wrap cakes, pastries, chocolates, and other baked items in boxes made of kraft paper.

Kraft Box For Clothing And Shoes

The most common Kraft white boxes are in high demand from shoe companies as well as companies that package shirts for other types of clothes. The Kraft box may be simply changed into any size and shape, according to a variety of clothing, including shirts, ties, socks, and seamless materials. If you're a tailor, you can also use the square boxes with lift-off lids that we sell in our shop along with stickers and ribbons to package your custom-made shirts and garments.

Kraft Box For Gift Packaging

Gift boxes are a common variety of Kraft made boxes. You must have received gifts that were packaged in boxes made of kraft paper at significant occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, and a number of other private and professional gatherings. These Kraft box packagings are easily foldable, which relieves the stress of having to deal with the clutter of wrapping paper, glue, tapes, and other similar materials. These Kraft gift boxes feature a silk ribbon clasp, and die-cut hearts, and are embellished with stickers and various other embellishments.

Kraft Box For Mail Packaging

Even a variety of envelope packing is available for these boxes Kraft. As the name implies, these boxes may transport your items and deliveries across short and large distances to clients. Self-locking die-cut boxes, boxes with envelope bottoms, and boxes with five panels are just a few of their huge items. These personalized Kraft mailer boxes are simple to use to securely lock the packaging, ensuring the safety of the contents and preventing damage during delivery.

Sliding-drawer Design Kraft Box

Foldable and flat shipping boxes are available in this type of Kraft box. They are a highly popular type of Kraft box; it features a sliding drawer and a Kraft paper sleeve, both of which are folded. Another option for the sleeve is clear plastic, which comes in a variety of colors and dimensions.

Kraft Box For Cylindrical Tube Packaging

Another very well-liked variety of Kraft boxes is the cylinder tube packaging. It is typically rigid as well, but it is not constructed of gray chipboard. These tubes are made by rolling raw Kraft paper in a circle mold, layer by layer, to create a wall thickness of 1 to 2 mm. These large-diameter boxes made of kraft paper in tube form can be used as gift packing and hold a variety of things.

Kraft Box For Counter Display

This Kraft box can be found on the counters of businesses selling everything from candy to cosmetics, home goods, and even groceries. Utilizing these boxes made of kraft paper has the advantage of drawing clients and encouraging their impulsive purchases. These Kraft-designed boxes are available at the front desk of even large-chain establishments for promotional purposes.

How Do Custom Craft Boxes Play A Role In Your Business Growth?

As a business owner, we know that the strength of your shipping boxes is important since you want them to resist transportation and reach your customer's door undamaged. There are main key characteristics that matter when opting for shipping boxes. Low prices to help you stay inside your shipping budget, personalization to help clients instantly know and like your brand and a boost to your brand's worth.

When you go for kraft custom boxes, it would be the best decision for your business. You can pick and choose any type, design, color, and print for your custom packaging, and we will create it in your required way. The sturdiness in our boxes does not damage the content while shipping and the same is the case with your packaging box. No matter how far your customer's address is, he will get the product safely in the box having the name of your business with a logo.

Another crucial fact is that, if you own a logistics business, kraft made boxes are your best option for packaging. We understand that your primary objective is to provide your customer's content with the ideal packaging to ensure safe delivery. You can order the size, shape, rigidity, and flexibility of your box that you think is ideal for secure packaging. We will create a kraft box that meets your needs both aesthetically and functionally.

Think Out Of The Box Now!

RSF packaging is always thinking big about the customer's demands and desires. We are always willing to go above and beyond to flourish your brand among all. While you are thinking about the quality of your product and service, we are always thinking out of the box for the boxes of your products. With our personalized boxes, you can promote your business right away. We promise you the durability of our kraft boxes will make your name long-lasting.