The mascara boxes are as important as mascara has always been the most important cosmetic product. Mascara is a makeup product that is applied to the eyes to enhance the beauty of eyelashes. If you want to attract the eyes of the customers, you must pack their favorite mascara in elegant packaging. When your cosmetic company offers you mascara in vibrant color packaging with glossy printed names, it will make your products distinguished from others.

However, most people associate solid colors like black and brown packaging with authenticity. The decent color custom mascara box causes more sales of mascara. Any color, size, shape, and material of the mascara box you want, there are possible solutions these days.

4 Things To Consider About Mascara Boxes Packaging 

In this blog, we are going to shed light on what are the things you should keep in mind in mascara packaging.

Easy To Use

Mascara is usually a hand-held cosmetic product. Most of women carry mascara in their bags while going to college, office, or traveling. If the packaging of mascara is so big or long, it would be difficult to carry it in a purse. Therefore, it would be best for you to offer perfectly designed mascara packing to the customers. It must be user-friendly for what your customer needs.

Also, keep in mind the wand of the mascara should not be too long or too short. An improper length of the wand may cause clumsy looks or overdone sometimes. So, the wand of the mascara must be standard size so your customer can apply it any time without any hassle.


The mascara lasts three to six months which means you have to keep it safe for months. If the packaging of mascara is not good quality, the packing will be ruined earliest. There are chances that any dirt, dust, or germs can enter into the mascara. Sometimes boxes are so fragile that they break in the bag. Once the box gets damaged, it gets difficult to handle mascara especially while going out.

Professional retailers like RSF Packaging offer you durable boxes for mascara. All the boxes are sturdy and strong. Whether you need a rigid or flexible mascara box you can customize its packing. The boxes remain safe as long as your customer keeps mascara.

Grab The Customer Attraction

Customer attraction is the main market strategy for packaging solutions. There are a number of brands of multiple things so you have to go above and beyond for brand recognition. The Cosmetic stores have a wide range of mascara which are displayed on the shelf. It is obvious that mascara in beautiful packaging will attract more customer attention. The packaging is the first thing that your customer notices. The quality of your stands on the second level. Choose the packing of mascara which fulfills all the demands to attract more and more customers.

Boost Your Sales

Being a business owner, your main focus must be increasing revenue. As the statistics show that mascara is one of the most widely used makeup items so you must take the right decision to increase your sales through mascara. Along with the beauty of packing, you need to print your company name on the boxes for mascara. Also, the little product description on the packaging reflects the authenticity of the brand. The more people will rely on you the more boost you will experience in the sales.

Everything About Mascara You Must Know

Here, let us discuss unique things about mascara.

  • History tells us that there were ancient Egyptians who loved dark black eyelashes. About 3000 B.C. they used kohl around the eyes and on eyelashes to make the eyes more prominent. Another point behind this use of kohl is that its application protects the eyes from the sun.

  • You should not sleep with mascara on your eyelashes. As the mascara stiffs your eyelashes, they may break while sleeping.  

  • When your mascara is expired or in no use, do not throw the brush with it. Some of the mascara have good quality brushes which you can keep for future uses if you want. You can brush your eyebrows with this brush and can apply new mascara with it.

  • Do not pump out the mascara brush, if you do it the air can push into the mascara. As a result, your mascara gets dried earlier than usual. Just twist the want slightly or in a circular motion to get the product.

  • The experts advise that you do not share your mascara. Most of the girls whenever they see a new amascar in the hands of a friend try it out. So, the result is eye infection or pink eye.

  • The most common type of mascara is the tube mascara. However, the mascaras come in other forms including cream mascara or cake mascara. 

  • If your eyelashes are so thin or light, you can apply mascara in layers. First, apply mascara and let it dry. Once it gets dried off, put another layer to see the magic.

Final Words

Custom mascara boxes are the most reliable options to increase your sales. The more beautiful, sturdy, and durable your packaging is, the better your business will make an impression on customers. Without wasting any time, let RSF Packing know what type of mascara boxes you really need. We offer you a wide range of packing solutions to make your brand most recognized in this competitive market. 


We understand the requirements of our customers. Before making a purchase, customers want to know the necessary information about the product. We never compromise on printing styles, fonts, and font sizes, we design boxes with fine detail. The flawless best quality packaging will surely make the name of your cosmetic brand long-lasting.