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May 14, 2019

Cosmetic Application Tips and Custom Boxes Significance in the World of Beauty

World of feminism complete when they have a bundle of cosmetic products. We can’t deny this fact that cosmetics are made for enhancing the beauty of the women. Since teenage, they are passionate to buy every variety of cosmetic and make a fantastic collection of beauty products. If we say women have only one lipstick, lip gloss, eye shadow, mascara, and foundation, then we are not in the right direction. Women in every age group having the craze of aggregating collection of cosmetic. Do you ever think why women buy so frequently the cosmetic even when they already have everything in their beauty box?  It’s a built-in process of the women to buy the cosmetic for enhancing the features of the face. Therefore, to catch the attention of the customers towards products, the company concentrates on the packing of cosmetic. As we all know, the first impression is the last impression, so why don’t design the cosmetic boxes in the beautiful and alluring way? Most of the times, women pick up the product by just seeing the packing. They have a very sharp six sense in judging the quality by seeing the custom boxes of the cosmetic.

Why Lipstick Custom Boxes Catch the Attention of the Customers

Do you know that women make up in incomplete without the lipstick? Yes! You know this fact. Red lipstick is just amazing and tried and exact go-to color for any event. It’s a dominant color for special occasion, killer weekend look and stunning for office. Imperativeness of selection is needed which perfectly go with your tone. In case, the more relaxed environment you wear undertones of pink, red or blue. The perfect red color will lean towards the blue spectrum. When lipstick pack in custom boxes it gives a marvelous look to the customers from outside, and customer understands from packing what color lies inside. If there is a warmer environment, opt for reds lipstick shade in the orange spectrum. What do you think of how women recognize the color of lipstick? Custom lipstick boxes are an excellent way to analyze the quality of the lipstick shade.

Application of Red Lipstick and Lip Gloss

When you make your mind to apply red lipstick, the first thing you do is to scrub your lips and moisturize them with a hydrating balm. Take clear hued lip liner to avoid the smudging in the process of application of lipstick. Trace around your pout through lip liner. While applying red color, stay close to your natural lip line. Tap the lipstick with fluffy powder brush onto the lips to set the lipstick evenly. Moreover, use blotting papers to remove the extra lipstick. Use in between the coats to set the layer before applying the final coat of lipstick.

Red lipstick is enough for enhancing the feature of your face. No need to apply anything extra, it makes your face brighten and shiny. Use little bit concealer and blush to give the final touch to your face.  Wearing red lipstick increases the energy and confidence level of you. Are you ready to get the hottest and stunning look?

RSF Packaging designs the lip gloss custom box uniquely and stylishly. On the packaging of lipstick and lip gloss, print the logo, image, and shade of color to extend the women satisfaction and happiness. We are providing the cheap lipstick custom boxes as per your brand requirements.

Why is Eye Shadow Custom Boxes Necessary?

As a buyer how you can recognize the eye shadow palette and come to know that what shade of color are present inside. Eye shadow custom boxes are the ultimate way to communicate the silent message to the customers regarding shades of the eye. They are in high demand among women to make their eyes beautiful and eye-catching. Every shape and size of custom boxes are available to pack different size of the eye shadow palette. RSF Packaging delivers all styles and scope of printable tables and takes one step ahead to make you happy and pleased.

Are you running an eye shadow brand? Do you want to spread awareness among the potential customers? Eye shadow custom boxes are the perfect way to attract customers and raise awareness among the people. Do focus on packaging to make the customers delighted and satisfied. The cosmetic brand provides full fixation to the custom packing. We offer fantastic packaging with different types and style to impact the positive impact on the market and customers.

Custom Boxes Speak Itself

The cosmetic custom boxes are perfect for speaking with the customers. All the data mention on the box help the women analyze and evaluate the brand. From just packing the women comes to know about the quality of eye shadow. What do you think what think is essential on the custom boxes of eye shadow? The image of the eye shadow palette, the tag line of the company and deliverable message to the customers. Indeed, the eye shadow custom boxes are an excellent way to communicate with the women.

Engaging Design of the Cosmetic Box

How can you engage the customer towards your brand? The custom boxes designing are the best way all around to engage the customers.  The most elegant look of eye shadow reflects in the delicacy of packing. Women are attracted to the beauty of the product. The beautiful and stylish boxes that appeal their senses urge them to buy the cosmetic boxes. The cheap eye shadow custom boxes are available for packing the products. Also, you can customize them according to your choice or preferences. Delicate and straightforward custom boxes represent brand worth and image. The less text with a relevant image on boxes excites the customers to buy the beautiful cosmetic box.

Why Add-ons and Highlights Beautify the Custom Boxes

RSF Packaging provides different previews of the custom boxes. Add the window and hanging snare in custom cosmetic boxes to offer the versatility to the custom boxes. We provide the authentic methods of packing to draw the attention of customers towards the business. Customers attract towards the eye-catching things which appeal their senses. Designing and printing on custom packaging influence the long lasting impression in the mind of the customers. The brand whose image reflects in the designing of custom boxes for a variety of cosmetics.Cosmetic boxes

Custom Mascara Boxes to Indicate Your Brand Identity

If you want to beat the competition in the market, the quality and packing of cosmetic are desirable.  Mascara darken, thicken and lengthen the eyelashes. It enhances the eyelashes and gives the women a glamorous look.  Types of mascara are:

  • Liquid
  • Cake
  • Cream

With the advancement of technology in the cosmetic industry. The mascara gives the lashes a fabulous look. However, waxes, oil, pigments, and preservatives are an essential part of every mascara. Customers’ love the branded mascara and packing add on the crucial element in creating impulsive buying.

Where mascara provides the beauty to the lashes, the eyeliner enhances the glamorous of the eye.  The brand always prefers the custom boxes designing for their cosmetic products. You can apply the eyeliner above the upper lashes or below lower lashes. It makes your eyes look lush and beautiful and draw the attention of everyone. With beautiful eyelashes, you can bring the eye shape and give a soft or glamorous look. The brand always concentrates on every minor detail of the product from the marketing perspective.

Foundation Boxes

Cosmetic boxesAlready we talk a lot about the cosmetic product. We all know that lipstick, lip gloss, eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner are a necessary part of wearing the makeup. Here how can we forget about the foundation? Without applying the foundation the shine and glossy look is not feasible. Main tips of the foundation are that, must use branded one according to your skin tones and every compromise on the shade of foundation. Different types of foundation are present that are packed in custom foundation boxes which appeal more while placing on the shelves of cosmetic. Examples of the foundation are:

  • Liquid
  • Matte
  • Waterproof
Liquid Foundation

It is a basic form that is available in liquid form. In liquid form, very version are existing in the market like oil-free, oil-based, waterproof and 24 hours. These foundations are excellent to provide you medium to full coverage to your face.  Cream foundation is best for more substantial coverage and formulated from average to dry skin. Apply the first layer of your base and let it dry then apply the final layer on top of the problem area.

Matte Foundation

Best for oily skin, it formulates with water, not from oil and gives full coverage to your face. Blend the foundation quickly because it dries out immediately. Before applying the matte foundation, use primer or apply an extra layer of moisturizer.

Waterproof Foundation

It is perfect in summer days and humid areas. To remove this foundation, you require the makeup remover otherwise tough to remove it. It clogs up pores and susceptible to blackheads.

What Matters Most in the Marketing of Cosmetic Products?

If you think the quality of the eyeliner is everything then you right only fifty percent. There is always a mix combination of quality and product packing which allure the customer to buy the product.  If you are stuck in black eyeliner, then you miss out the other shades of life. The blue or red eyeliner is enhancing the outer look of the eye: emerald green or sapphire blue strengthening the features of eyes. However, white eyeliner brightens the eye and refresh the eye tone. The marketing of the product is essential to spread the positive word of mouth. When you want to penetrate in the market, must print the logo, tag line on the custom boxes. Design the boxes which creates a beautiful look and build the brand image in the market.

Brand Images

Cosmetic boxesEvery brand of eyeliner, eye shadow, lipstick, lip gloss, and foundation design their boxes appealingly and beautifully. The purpose of designing must be to differentiate among the competitors and win the market. When the point comes to the beauty of the women, then the first thing which comes into their mind is the branded things. The cosmetic products belong to the brand reflect not only in the quality but the packaging as well. Customers’ loyalty built when the company provides the quality of the product. Just imagine, you visit the L’Oreal and want to buy the eye shadow palettes. The color of eye shadows is very alluring and charming matte shades. But its packing is not very attractive, full of dust & debris, without the tagline and company name. Do you think you buy that eye shadow palettes? Nope, of course not, you ask for change the packing or switch to another brand. Here you will come to know how relevant is the custom boxes in the cosmetic arena.

RSF Packaging is the reliable name in providing the extraordinary beautiful design of cosmetic boxes. Whatever variety of cosmetic products you are dealing, the customization of boxes is fundamental. The custom boxes design must be elegant and classy which indeed hold the brand image. So, when you want to earn the name in the feminism products, then cosmetic custom boxes must be your ultimate choices. Well, here you will get the idea of how to use the lipstick, eye shadow, eyeliner, etc. But the packaging boxes have a tremendous impact in building the brand name in the market. Discuss your requirements with us and get free shipping services. We take one step ahead to make our client happy and satisfied with our cosmetic custom boxes. For further Assistance get in touch with us.


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