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May 14, 2019

Custom Lotion Boxes Impact the Purchasing Decision of Customers

Custom Lotion Boxes

Are you worried about how to sell your lotion? Looking for the practical solution to increase the sale of moisturizing lotions? Facilitate the business and augment the auction through custom lotion boxes. With all facts and figure, cosmetic products are high in demand. According to Dawn News, the domestic market of cosmetic increases Rs150bn and continuously expanding with the average rate of 15pc annually.

Unilever Pakistan CEO Ehsan Malik views about cosmetic sector;

“Unilever Pakistan’s personal-care business spans skin cleansing, skin care, hair care, and oral care products, including Lux, Sunsilk, Dove, Lifebuoy, Pond and Fair & Lovely. We are market leaders in most of these categories. The total branded market for these segments is more than Rs80bn in size, growing at approximately 15pc every year”. Well, if you are in the cosmetic boxes, rely on custom lotion boxes to grab the market and its trend.

Display of Boxes to Catches the Attention of Customers

Lotions are packed in beautiful jars and required the cardboard boxes to pack and display in stores. RSF Packaging provides high-quality custom packaging with excellent style, designs, and shapes of boxes. You can design any form like window cardboard boxes, plain boxes, stylish and graceful boxes. Our designing is highly alluring and practical that catches the attention of the customers. Style the packing with fancy add-ons that urge the customer to create the awareness of product.  The packaging boxes must be embellishing that create the ultimately marvelous finishing. Our designed custom boxes glorify the outer appearance of the cosmetics that increase the sale of the product.  In packing you can prefer the:

  • Gold Foiling
  • Silver foiling
  • Matte
  • Gloss lamination
  • Spot UV

Finishing of custom boxes matters to grab the attention of the customers. Select any finishing to make the custom boxes more alluring.


Does Packaging Impact the Purchasing Decision?

When we talk about cosmetic products then how we forget about the custom packaging to allure the customers positively, custom packing urges the customer to buy the product from you. An essential feature of packing is a source of communication with the customers. Predominately impact the customers’ perception of the quality of the product. The cosmetic brand correctly understands the packing importance that is considered by new customers and retaining loyal customers. The branded lotion pack in the custom boxes and depict the company reflection through tag lines, colors, and images. Every element is essential in designing and printing custom boxes and create impulsive buying behavior.

Serve the Shipping Purpose

RSF Packaging designs the lotion custom box that is more feasible for shipping of the goods. The boxes are made up from cardboard material that best suits for shipping. Highly durable boxes which avoid any damage to the products. In the upright position the boxes design that hold the lotion and reduce the risk of spilling. Custom lotion boxes are best for sending the lotion as a gift and giveaway scheme.

Creatively Use the Space

In lotion boxes, the customization has a vital role. Not only customize the boxes from outside but inside as well to represent the brand image. Wisely use the space and add a creative element to give a unique and appealing look. For example, Mr. John visits the shop for lotion. Sale man shows them different product variety. What will you think which factors impact the buying decision of Mr. John? The lotion quality and packing boxes are the two main points which consider. Prints the boxes in a beautiful way from inside and outside so that more appealing for the customers. In designing boxes, die-cut boxes are the perfect choice for them. Moreover, don’t leave an inch of boxes left for customization.

Custom Lotion Boxes

Text on Boxes

The text on boxes is very imperative for increasing the lotion boxes attractive. Less minimum text is the more attractive of lotion boxes are. Must focus on the font size of the text on custom boxes. The italic and bold font size are all around best for catches the attention of the customers. Customers don’t have the time to read the lengthy text on the product boxes. The less and stylish font on the custom packaging allures more attention. Do you think what text is best for the alluring the attention? The product name, tag line, and relevant information are all you need to print on boxes. Add elegant and eye-catching words to augment the worth of packing.

Share-Worthy for Customers

What do you think why customer recommend the lotion to another? What makes them share on social media? Social media is a great way to serve the purpose of sharing and allure customers. People share the product information on social media to raise the awareness of lotion and its packing. Unboxing the unique lotion custom boxes experience on a social platform to increase the worth of the company. Brand reach more people when it catches the attention of the customers.  RSF Packaging pays attention to every detail of packaging to provide you the custom box for lotion. Preview extends to the customer to get the know-how of designing. You can select from the different shows for finalizing the custom boxes design. Personalize the boxes in its way and augment the sale rapidly.

Custom Lotion Boxes

Let the Lotion Custom Boxes to Speak Itself

Are you offering the quality of lotion? Yes! Of course, you are, lets the custom boxes speak for the quality of the product. Customization of boxes considers as a silent salesman which sell the product is a highly effective way. Design the boxes as per the demand of the product. Don’t make the box over innovative and luxurious.  Let the boxes of lotion speak for your brand. Always prefer simplicity with less text and soft color. It’s a lotion, and pale color suits them most. The packing box of lotion must be enough information to convince the customers to buy them.

RSF Packaging designs for lotion custom boxes are highly attractive and creative which enhance the attention of the customers. What we consider in the designing and printing of boxes is the image of the brand and customer satisfaction when they pick up the products. For Further Assistance get in touch with us.



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