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Custom Stickers

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We are providing high-quality Custom Stickers. Specially designed to enhance the look of the car. Moreover, our stickers are of different types, colour, and shape to meet the demand of our customers.

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Reviews and Discription
  • positive review  After searching and coming up with dead end it was a wonderful surprise and a glimmer of hope when I spoke with Michael this morning about my custom boxes. He was awesome as he went above and beyond to assist me with the design of the product I was looking for.

    Les Tsose Avatar Les Tsose
    March 7, 2019
  • positive review  I am running a cosmetic business since 2010 and dealt with by a number of packaging suppliers but couldn’t satisfy myself with the custom boxes I required. After searching a dozen of times on internet I found RSF Packaging. I contacted them to reshape box packaging for my cosmetic products and reprint them with high quality. When I received the order, I was blown away by the quality outcomes in the form of custom boxes. RSF packaging is now my preferred packaging supplier for all my packaging needs. I would definitely recommend them to other business owners like me.

    Fida Ul Mustafa Shah Avatar Fida Ul Mustafa Shah
    March 5, 2019
  • positive review  Good communication, great product. Not for those looking to skimp on costs; commitment to sustainability means a commitment to higher (though still reasonable) prices.

    Amelia John Avatar Amelia John
    January 22, 2019
  • positive review  Excellent choice, price, delivery - and in time for Christmas. Thank you!

    Susan Williams Avatar Susan Williams
    December 26, 2018

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Custom Stickers Perfect for Your Car

We are providing high-quality Cheap Custom Stickers. Specially designed to enhance the look of the car. Moreover, our stickers are of different types, color and shape to meet the demand of our customers. They adhere to the car perfectly and provide a fantastic look. We are dealing in wide range of sticker to make you happy and satisfied with our products.

Shapes of sticker

Indeed, we cater to the demand of the customers, therefore, offer the different shapes of the sticker. We are providing the various labels or sticker in all the size and shape to accommodate your preference design. The shapes of stickers are:

  1. Oval sticker
  2. Square sticker
  3. Rectangle Sticker
  4. Round sticker

Make your bumper beautiful and alluring by pasting our designed custom stickers bumpers. Even we provide the customization facility to fulfill the demand of you. Everyone wants to buy the bumper sticker to enhance the outlook of the car. Just give us the call and order custom shape sticker.

Why us!

We are the leader in the market that’s why offer the full range of stickers to our customers. Our main aim is to provide the variety to make you pleased. We ensure that you buy one from us and will surely buy again.

  • Quality of sticker
  • Variety of shapes
  • Different types of stickers
  • Customization
  • Free shipping
  • No plate and die charges
  • Reasonable price

We believe in offering the maximum facility to our customers and incorporate the demand in designing the Custom Stickers for Car. You can create different pictures and eye-catching design.

Our professional is our proud

Our professional have desire skills and technique to design different stickers. Also, you can contact us any time to discuss your idea. Our experts feel pleasure to give you maximum assistance. We have the team of expert who perfectly designs the stickers. Our sticker finishing is outstanding. Besides, we don’t compromise on the finest look of the sticker. From time to time, our professionals get training to make the different attractive design for the car.

Custom stickers for car

Our experts are fully trained to design the custom stickers. People love to decorate the car and make it beautiful. Give us the design, and we make it in the perfect and effective way that automatically look beautiful. We don’t compromise on the quality of the stickers. Our sticker sticks to the car and enhances its appearance.

Types of sticker

We deal in different kinds of the sticker:

  1. Clear or white polypropylene
  2. Static cling vinyl
  3. Opaque vinyl
  4. Clear vinyl
  5. Clear polyester
  6. Recycled label

Clear or white polypropylene

We are dealing in a thin, durable film used for all the custom stickers. The material of this kind is available in clear or white. We print the design of your choice on it.

Static cling vinyl

The vinyl has the static charge which sticks to the surface smoothly. It has the non-porous surface such as glass or plastic which adhere o the car accurately. The quality of cling vinyl, removed or repositioned. Likewise, it is available in clear or white color and be easily used in the window of the car.

Opaque vinyl

Undoubtedly, the vinyl is durable and weather resistant. It is available in white or yellow color. Give us the design either simple or artwork; we seamlessly print it on the sticker. You can use on your car either on bumper or bonnet.

Clear vinyl

It is durable and weather resistant. You can add your colour behind the background to enhance the feature of the real design. Let’s increase the opacity of the artwork by adding the white ink behind.

Clear polyester

It is the synthetic film which is highly durable. One of the best feature to resist the oils, moisture, and solvents.

Recycled label

This label of a car is made up of 100% recycled material. The recycled label is made up of paper material. This label is removable with hot water.

We bring for you different material stickers. Our purpose is to make your car decorated with a beautiful design. What you need to do is contact us and place your order. We assure you the quality of sticker that is durable.

What set us apart!

Our premium quality of products and services are the main things which make us distinct from others. Additionally, we are providing free shipping to make you happy and satisfied. Our price is competitive which you can afford easily. Similarly, our professionals are our pride which makes the creative design on different stickers.

Affordable prices

Our prices fall within your budget. Don’t worry about the price anymore, just contact us through call or email and get the estimation of the Wholesale Custom Stickers. We understand the budget constraint and offer an affordable price.

Make your car awesome

The custom sticker is a perfect choice for your car. You can use the sticker either to increase the look or to hide the scratches of the car. Meanwhile, when your car has scratches, and you don’t want to paint, just apply different attractive styles and design sticker on it. We assist you in making the car beautiful and wow.

The company is dedicated to print the Custom Car Stickers on different materials. Our professionals are trained and skilled in making customized stickers. What you are waiting for! Place the order and get the sticker at your doorstep.


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