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Delivery Policy

Standard Turnabout: (Free)

7 to 8 business days to ship the package after final go ahead.

For Speed up Services:

Depends on the nature of job and delivery deadline.



For more details:


Return and refund policy

You can able to request for refunding the services which are being offered by RSF Packaging are customized according to the client’s quote. If the delivered product doesn’t meet about what you are desire or doesn’t even match your requirements and specifications or having any defect, then you can claim for the return it by following our rules. Customers can return within three business days. A charge back is not optional however a free reprint of the order is providing the company if company’s side proves the fault. The company of RSF Packaging determines the defected product. You can able to shipped back your entire order within seven working days along with your documents and at your own cost. If the fault determined by client’s side and still want to refund, they will have to send us back the printed job, and the charge back will be provided after deduction the order’s setup and shipping cost by the company.

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