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May 12, 2020

Find out the ways to pack books in book boxes like a professional while moving

Book Boxes

Books are the treasure of knowledge and sometimes it becomes hard to pack them while traveling. Therefore, book boxes are the main thing to pack all books. When you become ready to move for a long distance, you must get rid of unnecessary books. Books become worthless after reading them. But people don’t throw away from their house because of emotional attachment. You buy a piece of book of your favorite writers and don’t dare to get rid of it.

But it doesn’t mean that you keep them with you in your all move. You need to become tricky to handle a bundle of books. For someone, books are a reminder of your childhood. But some consider it a favorite book in their college time. They always part of your company wherever you move. You can give your friends or donate to charity homes. Here are some guides for you either you have to throw them or t keep them with you.

Evaluate your books:

As mentioned earlier, it is the best way to pass your books to your friends or any charity place. In this way, you will get rid of your favorite books. Don’t need to throw them in the bin if they are in good condition. Before giving to anyone, think about it, you have to need to read them again. Does the presence of a book make you happy? You love to read them again and again. Do these books have some space in the new house? Can you use them for decoration purposes? Do you want to use them in your library if you are interested to make a library in the future? The answers to all these questions will help you to give a good idea.

Your mind will be clear either you have to keep with you in your new home or should get rid of them.In my personal opinion, charity is a good option. First, your book will go in safe hands. But another book lover will read them if they cannot buy them. Your process will be more comfortable to get rid of them and your room will be spacious. But first, you have to realize that you don’t need them in your home. Because after some time, the book’s paper starts to damage and transform into the trash. On the other hand, you can make space for your new book. Because thousands of books come in the market of different interests. You can exchange your old books with the local library as well.


Get books out of your home:

Once you make the pile of all books that are not in your use. What will you do now? Make sure to organize them in different categories. Separate all books in different sections like for friends, for donation, and the pile of useless books. The categorized process can be hard and hectic. Therefore, you must sure that you have to collect all the books from your home in one place.

Now after collecting the books, the packing process is started. Arrange the pile in certain sections and arrange some boxes for them. There are many book boxes are available in the market. Go and buy them for your books. You buy books with full emotions and so send them with full protocol. Label all boxes with the right purpose. Maybe you will be surprised to see the pile of books if you are a regular reader. Because the reader has the habit to read a book every day at any time. Books are the best companion of your loneliness.

Types of boxes that you need:

Now it’s time to keep all the books in the boxes. Boxes should be strong and in different sizes. Because all books are not in the same size. Therefore, you need medium, small, and large boxes according to books. Books are heavy stuff than their size. It is hard to lift them. Therefore, it is necessary to have a strong box that could handle the weight of books.

On the other hand, if you have some books that they have a hardcover. You should apply some moving paper and place them in the bottom of the boxes. They will be safe when you place them in the truck and containers will not damage. Because while moving, movement and denting can occur,

Pack your pile of books:

Time has come to pack the bundle of books. Start your packing with the biggest and heaviest books in the book’s boxes. In the bottom, keep heavy books, then medium books, and in the end, keep small size books. If you have large books but are lightweight, adjust them at the bottom with heavy books.

Book-Boxes new

If you find some space between books, fill that space with other lightweight items. Don’t try to fill the gap with heavy items because the box weight will increase and make difficult to lift. Clothing stuff is the ideal to pack with the books. Because they are lightweight and you can adjust them by rolling shape.

Seal your book boxes:

Book boxes will be super heavy than any other material. Therefore, you need to seal them care. As you finish your packing, you have to seal them with the packaging tape. Seal the entire box in such a way that it should not leave any area in the box. The top and bottom of the boxes should pack and seal with extra care.

Books packing is tricky and needs some time to finish it. Therefore, enough time needs in packing and sealing. All tasks should do with perfection. You can take the help of your friends and family member as well.

Time to move:

Labeling is necessary before moving. With this, you will be able to know, what should do correctly with all the packing stuff. Books are heavy stuff so don’t place them on the top on the truck. Because they can damage any fragile items if you have placed under them. After figuring out what books you will be easy to arrange them. If you have some books that some emotional feelings are attached to them, it would be better to store them.

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