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May 14, 2019

Hair Brush Custom Box Increases Your Brand Worth

Hair Brush Custom Box Increases Your Brand Worth

The rapidly customized world demands the customization of everything. Whether it is related to home things or women personal use things. People want everything to be manufactured according to the desire of them. If they are ready to pay them then why not the company provides them with good products. Women beauty hidden in the long hair and to maintain the beauty of hair, hair brush is the undeniable things. That’s why brands focus on the hairbrush custom box to imprint long lasting impression in the unconscious of the women.

Is Really Brand Exposure Increases?

Do you want to increase the brand exposure of your hairbrush? Pack your hair brushes in the innovative and creative style of boxes to reflect the brand image. Hairbrush custom box increases brand awareness and gives a boost to your sale. RSF Packaging is reliable in the packing industry to manufacturing and supplying the custom boxes. Are you thinking about what we offer? We are offering the shortest turnaround time and free shipping services to deliver the perfect packaging to the customer doorstep. Design in a highly customized way that increases the brand exposure of your hairbrush brand.

Protect Your Product through the Custom Box

Hairbrush custom boxes protect your products and make easy for the shipment. It’s amazing packing make you realize the original feeling of brand and give you satisfaction. Packaging saves the products from damages. Customers even save the product after usage of the product in the custom box. They look so adorable that enhances the attention of everyone. The shiny outlook of the custom boxes increase the attention of the customers and helps to pick up the products among other brand products. RSF Packaging provides a high-quality brush in a highly unique and unusual way.Hair Brush Custom Box

The material used for hairbrush custom box

Do you want to know which type of material used in making the custom boxes? Reliable resources use the paperboard, Kraft paper, corrugated boxes and double grey cardboard. These materials used for packaging and make the custom boxes sturdy and dynamic to meet the exact requirements according to the hairbrush sizes. Are you thinking about what printing options best suits for you? The printing options are:

  • Silver printing
  • Offset printing
  • Spot-color printing

You can select any kind of printing option as per your product requirements. In case, you are thinking about the finishing options, have the choice of:

  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Spot UV

Moreover, for enhancing the quality of boxes in a lavish and protective way, lamination would be the foremost choice. Preferable choices are:


  • Gloss lamination
  • Matte lamination
  • Colour lamination

What will you select depends on your brand and its preferences? But they make your hairbrush custom box beautiful and enthralling appealing.

Types of Hairbrush

First of all, we have to know about the types of hair brush and usage. Mostly we don’t have the idea of brushes and purpose of usage.

  • Detangling brush
  • Round brush
  • Paddle brush
  • Straightening brush
  • Pro shiner enhancer brush
  • Smoothing brush

Detangling Brush

This hairbrush smoothens the hair without damaging and breakage of hair. Indeed, a wet brush is the ideal and perfect hair for wet and dry hair and best for all types of hair and totally pain-free. However, detangle brush is not good for the blow dryer due to its melting concerns.

Round Brush

Hair Brush Custom BoxIf you have the long hair and want a sleek and straight look, round brush is best to use.  This brush is ideal for giving volume and fullness. The tip for your hair is, brush your hair in the opposite direction to give height from the root. Elah views about the round brush is that must be three inches or more in diameter.

Paddle Brush

This brush is ideal for everyone and must have in the room. Use for taming unruly hair. Paddle hairbrush also uses for detangling purpose as wet or dry.

Straightening Brush

The unique brush has the capability to be heated and allow you to iron your hair. It makes your hair straight and shiny. Thermal brush help to reach all the baby hair and straighten your hair. Make your hair look shiny and silky.

Pro shiner Enhancer Brush

If you want to detangle of hair and adding shine to the hair then pro shiner brush is best for you. It has a double set of bristles to improve the lustre and smoothness. Brush your curl hairs and add shine and volume easily.

Smoothing Brush

One of the best brush for styling. Use this brush for styling like making a bun and give sleek look to the hair. Smooth the bumps of hair and give a straight look.

Whatever brush type you are dealing in, you need the custom box for its packaging.

Add Product Charm in Your Packaging

Glittery hair brush boxes are high in demand. The cosmetic lover wants to have stylish and unique custom packaging boxes for the hairbrush. Above mentioned all types of brushes want to have the packaging boxes and customer prefer the boxes which can be used later on. Decorative boxes use for giving gift and company giveaways to the customers. RSF Packaging design the hairbrush custom boxes for gift purposes as well. Our procedure of making boxes are die cut that looks perfect and appealing from the finest finishing that creates charm in the customers and looks appealing from sale perspective. If you want to increase the brand worth and sale, high-quality custom packaging is fundamental.

RSF Packaging core skills fall under the designing of cheap hair custom box.  Running a brand is not an easy task and we deeply concerned about your matters of business. Hairbrush when pack in designing boxes it will automatically cater the market and customer need. For Further Assistance get in touch with us


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