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Jewelry Boxes

Looking for stylish boxes to put your jewellery? RSF packaging is providing you with the flexible and uniquely designed Jewelry boxes. We have a professional and skilled team, which use different and innovative ways to decorate your boxes and enhance its beauty.

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    Good communication, great product. Not for those looking to skimp on costs; commitment to sustainability means a commitment to higher (though still reasonable) prices.

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    Excellent choice, price, delivery - and in time for Christmas. Thank you!

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    Well amazing service, Every type of decorated boxes are available. I will recommend to others . Buy boxes from Rsf packaging company

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    Great service, fast and efficient. Good product arrives well-protected in cardboxes.

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Protect and store your jewelry by using our customized jewelry box

Looking for stylish boxes to put your jewelry? RSF packaging is providing you with the flexible and uniquely designed Custom Jewellery Boxes. We have a professional and skilled team, which use different and innovative ways to decorate your boxes and enhance its beauty. Additionally, our experts help you in creating an exciting and distinctive range of various boxes to save your jewelry from getting damages.

Our proficient team:

RSF packaging is providing you with excellent and durable jewelry boxes. Our experts are highly qualified and professional in making varieties of boxes. They provide you with efficient and reliable services to design your boxes beyond your expectations. In addition, we provide you with different boxes in numerous shapes, sizes, colors and designs.

Generally, our experts fulfill the demand of the clients to give them peace of mind. Our experts use a durable material that is eco-friendly and can be easily recycled. Moreover, we design various boxes for different industries ranging from fashion to food.

Types of jewelry boxes:

There are following types of Wholesale jewelry boxes, including:

  • Jewel armories
  • Wall boxes
  • Travel cases
  • Ring boxes
  • Watch boxes
  • Jewelry box mirror
  • Valet boxes
  • Wooden carved boxes
  • Jewelry rolls

Our beneficial jewelry boxes:

Following are the different benefits of our jewelry box for a gift, including:


Our jewelry boxes for girls help you to keep your jewelry organize and free from clutters.  We provide you boxes with different compartments, so you can easily separate your tiny and delicate accessories such as rings, earrings, and bracelet etc. Furthermore, we provide several sizes boxes which enable you to save your jewelry in an arranged manner.


We use excellent quality materials in manufacturing different versatile boxes. Our experts design the Wood Jewelry Box according to client demands and needs. They protect your jewellery from dust and dirt. Additionally, our experts especially design different boxes to save your specials and delicate jewelry, which you never want to, lose in your whole life.

Protect jewelry from damages:

Fundamentally, we provide unique and innovative style boxes which keep your jewelry save even from scratches. Our boxes help you in keeping your jewelry safe from being damaged and keeping them in one place. This helps you to arrange your scattered jewelry and reduces the risk of getting the loss.


We provide varieties of wooden, plastic, armories and travel cases. In addition, sometimes it’s difficult to arrange scattered jewelry, our experts offer you quality and versatile boxes with different compartments. You can easily use our boxes to keep your jewelry in a well-organized manner. Moreover, it also gives you the opportunity to place your accessories in one place, so you can easily access your jewelry on time.


We provide you with professional and efficient services at a competitive price. Our experts provide you quality material according to our client’s requirements. In addition, we give you the opportunity to choose different styles of boxes according to your desires. We provide numerous numbers of boxes within your specific budget. Moreover, our quick and efficient services distinguish us from our competitors.

To buy our boxes, contact us, by visiting our website. Our number is mentioned, as our experts are always available for our valuable clients. For more details, fill our form or email us with name, email, and messages. Moreover, we provide you with a free quote and for more information, call us.


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