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Six Pack Bottle Cardboard Carrier Boxes

Provide your clients the option of being able to mix and match some of their favorite beverages with those six pack bottle Provide your clients the option of being able to mix and match some of their favorite beverages with those six pack bottle cardboard carrier boxes.

  • Free Design Support
  • No Setup Charges
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  • As Low As 100 Boxes

Reviews and Discription
  • positive review  After searching and coming up with dead end it was a wonderful surprise and a glimmer of hope when I spoke with Michael this morning about my custom boxes. He was awesome as he went above and beyond to assist me with the design of the product I was looking for.

    Les Tsose Avatar Les Tsose
    March 7, 2019
  • positive review  I am running a cosmetic business since 2010 and dealt with by a number of packaging suppliers but couldn’t satisfy myself with the custom boxes I required. After searching a dozen of times on internet I found RSF Packaging. I contacted them to reshape box packaging for my cosmetic products and reprint them with high quality. When I received the order, I was blown away by the quality outcomes in the form of custom boxes. RSF packaging is now my preferred packaging supplier for all my packaging needs. I would definitely recommend them to other business owners like me.

    Fida Ul Mustafa Shah Avatar Fida Ul Mustafa Shah
    March 5, 2019
  • positive review  Good communication, great product. Not for those looking to skimp on costs; commitment to sustainability means a commitment to higher (though still reasonable) prices.

    Amelia John Avatar Amelia John
    January 22, 2019
  • positive review  Excellent choice, price, delivery - and in time for Christmas. Thank you!

    Susan Williams Avatar Susan Williams
    December 26, 2018

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Six Pack Bottle Cardboard Carrier Boxes

Provide your clients the option of being able to mix and match some of their favorite beverages with those six pack bottle cardboard carrier boxes. High-quality boxes and appealing designs make those Six Pk Bottle Carrier essential to stand out from the rest and attract customers towards your product.

In case you still need to keep bags on-hand, browse our variety of bags options. We have paper shopping bags with handles and heavyweight paper grocery bag that will offer sufficient support for customers to carry their bottles home. If you are thinking of where to shop for six pack bottle carriers, we have a massive selection of bottle carriers for sale at reasonable prices.

Use our bottle carriers to mix and match of beer or wine lovers at your nearby beer distributor, convenience shop, or shop! Clients can pick their six favorite types of beer or wine. And our strong cardboard carriers will protect bottles, so they reach home safely! These boxes not only can carry up to 6 bottles of beers or wines but also cans of soda. Crafted from sturdy corrugated cardboard, our 6 piece carriers save clients from the hassles of lifting heavy and awkward paper bags.

We provide bottle carriers with convenient handles, so your clients can without any problem carry their purchases and keep bottles in place. The printed designs featured on those beer carriers make various visual options you offer! As a bonus, these carriers come folded for space-saving storage and open easily for assembly when you are ready to fill them with bottles.

Focus Features:

1. They are perfect for carrying six bottles, and cardboard dividers make them separate to ensure they do not break.

2. Pre-glued structure fast assembles process and foldable in shipping.

3. Printed rigid corrugated cardboard box with glossy lamination.

4.Customized size to fit different size bottles

5.Recyclable cardboard material

6.Can carry 6 bottles at a time without getting soggy

7.Customize creative design and colors available on request

8.Made from durable and waterproof cardboard

All of the RSF Packaging boxes are completely customizable in any size and design. Our custom 6 pk bottle carrier box is likewise designed to carry a number of bottles with ease. Capable of holding six bottles at a time, the box can cope with a lot of weight. The design distributes it evenly throughout all 6 slots. In other words, it’s easy to lift and carry around whether or not your clients are in a crowded stadium or at home relaxing and enjoying with family and friends.

Why Choose Us?

However, RSF Packaging custom 6 pack bottle cardboard carrier packaging durable material can make it last for years. Moreover, we also provide professional design services that will help you in customizing your carriers to image your brand in the best possible way. Apart from making your branded bottled beverages pop on retail shelves, a custom bottle carrier box design will create an ineradicable imprint on the minds of your target clients. In fact, it will also help in attracting new customers to your brand!

Further, our boxes not only are highly durable and the best for your products, but they are also available at reasonable prices. When you order in bulk for custom 6 pk bottle boxes, you can avail price slashing discounts. Our boxes are created using cutting-edge technology. So you are assured that we provide six pk bottle box that can suit your business needs and clients requirements. Our dedication to excellence has resulted in lots of satisfied and happy clients. Brand your bottle boxes with your logo and colors to make a lasting influence. And take your marketing efforts to the next level with us. Take a look at the choices we provide and do not hesitate to order online today.


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