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November 28, 2019

The top ranking 5 Sustainable Packaging Trends in 2019

Sustainable Packaging Trends

The year 2019 remained special on many grounds for packaging. Many latest tools in designing, printing and packaging made strong inroads. However, what characterized the packaging in the year is the companies and communities rising tendencies towards sustainable packaging. More and more concerns on environment deterioration and preservation are overwhelming our conscience and conversations. Rightly so, as we all need to embrace our environment, many firms are taking some bold initiatives to stay align with the needs.

In Europe, the North America, China and other leading regions, the economy is feeling strong pressures to shift focus towards green and sustainable packaging. For a moment, if we take our attention towards energy sector from packaging, we can witness game-changing trends. Take the example of the US, where the first time in the history the coal will no longer be the leading fuel to power electricity and energy requirements. As the year 2019 is approaching its end, speculations are rife that sustainable energy sources will surpass the share of coal in 2020.

Now, we move towards packaging. The situation is much the same in the packaging. The packaging material which is recyclable and biodegradable is being prioritized over choices which are not sustainable.


Rising trends and information

The statistics provided by the Smithers Pica, shows that the global value of packaging market is to rise to an all-time high of $50 billion by 2022. This shows that packaging demands are not going to experience a halt; instead, we are going to see a gigantic rise the market value of the packaging services. As there is increasing use of packaging material, the question, therefore, arises sustainability, cleanliness, hygienic value and recyclability.

What fuels the debate more is the rising level of awareness among consumers. Each day, we witness new developments and progress in scientific knowledge and information. Gone are the days, therefore, when environment was merely a secondary issue to rise only on certain occasions. Today, there exists a heightened level of awareness on the environment. Therefore, there is no relenting by in the debate for more steps on preservation and safety of environment. One of the recent studies by the United Nations finds that, if the current rate of human activity and energy consumption continues, the temperature may further rise another 3.9 0C. Certainly, the sustainable packaging is the need of the hour.

  1. Recycling

There is no compromising on recycling. High-end recycling is, obviously, is the goal humans have got to ensure. Every packaging box, wrappers, and item must be laced with qualities to be friendly towards recycling. Certainly the question arises how to accomplish that goal. State of the art recycling involves, however, many delicacies and complex issues. The whole process revolves around remodeling the features like labeling, coloring, designing and all the related process. If the packaging firms succeeds in guaranteeing sustainable remodeling and redesigning of packaging, the net result will be an ever-increasing level of environmental benefits.

Here, it feels incumbent to accept some gruesome facts, still haunting the dream of accomplishing a perfectly sustainable packaging. Many packaging materials are there, especially wrappers and such, which are not automatically recyclable. Moreover, such packaging material, even if recyclable does not benefit to a desired level to the environment.


2. Biodegradable

Nowhere else we get to witness a higher level of shift towards biodegradability than in plastics. Generally, we have been utilizing fossil fuel-based plastics that are harmful to the environment as well to the living conditions of all forms of life. On the other hand, the bioplastics are the result of production techniques which utilize recycled food waste, vegetables oil and fats, straw, etc., – the components of biomass. Using resources from the biomass tends to make the bioplastics a more sustainable packaging material than that of its counterpart.

However, bioplastics are not necessarily biodegradable. To some extent, we can term them as a substitute to petro-based plastics, however, the bioplastics can cause a range of problems in their own direction. The bioplastics are not compostable, as some generally think of them. So, in case it is ingested by a marine life it may cause choking.

3. Bringing the paper

However, the packaging boxes made up of paper pulp are of much value here, as the boxes are friendly to biodegradability and composability. Moreover, the packaging boxes are available in a wide range of custom shapes, sizes and styles. From food to beverages, retail, cosmetic and jewelry and so on, all major areas of activity are benefitting from the packaging. Moreover, inventions of many tools and technologies have facilitated immensely in carrying out the work of arts and designing. There, the paper-based packaging boxes are proving an efficient solution to custom packaging needs of brands as well as their users.

There is the problem, though, with the packaging boxes too. The paper packaging requires a larger proportion of mass for manufacturing. Resultantly, the environmental impacts increase, though in another direction e.g., increased consumption of wood.

Bringing the paper

4. 2 R’s packaging

2 R means reducing and removing. Reducing and ultimately removing the packaging can prove an altogether greater tool in facilitating sustainable packaging. Especially, for items sold and purchased in bulk, the reduced and removed packaging can be instrumental in bringing greater shift. However, the packaging, here, does not ultimately guarantee the safety and preservation of products. Therefore, the limitations of the 2 R’s packaging impede its future prospects.

5. Customer-oriented packaging

Undoubtedly, consumers are the center piece of all business and marketing activities. The choices of customers constitute the core of each packaging strategy. It is an encouraging trend that customers are more than involved in routine marketing activities. The environmental related drives are, in fact, finding their drive from consumers. Certainly, the businesses too are creating awareness; however, the customers are more vocal than businesses on the environment issues. Therefore, the brands must continue prioritizing green packaging so as to satisfy their customers concern.

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