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December 5, 2019

The ultimate guide to cardboard boxes their features uses & designing

cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are among the major types of custom boxes. In appearances, fineness and elegance the boxes are second to none. Comparing to other types of packaging like plastics and wrappers, the boxes stand supreme. Invented unintentionally, like the most major inventions, the boxes are by every means a marvel. The boxes are light when the use is to be. The boxes are rigid and sturdy when the need is so. So, the boxes afford a multiple of functions and effects in packaging. If you intend to upgrade your gift presentation try using the cardboard paper boxes. It will only be a matter of time that your gifts-giving exercise will get a boost. If the need is to provide customer their favorite cookies in the artistic packaging then try using the cardboard. Also, if it comes to ensure breathtaking experience in shopping and marketing of apparel then bring the boxes.

As compared to a sheet of paper, cardboards are rigid. Cardboard, therefore, can withstand rising pressure and stress. For the size, the boxes are light as they are about half air. It is a very fine material and can ensure a bit padding for the items. A knife can cut the boxes easily; however, it is so strong to disallow piercing and punctures. Typically, it is common to refer a bit rigid paper as a cardboard. Paper pulp which is heavier is too categorized among cardboard. A majority of people mistakenly attach corrugated paper boxes with cardboard. Though outwardly the both type of boxes feel similar, yet there exists a wide difference. The boxes are:

  • Resistant to pressure and stress
  • Lighter in weight
  • Afford safety and protection
  • Affordable packaging solution
  • Elegant, fine, and smooth
  • Highly customizable
  • Environment-friendly
Cardboard Boxes Highly Customizable

Uses of cardboard paper boxes

The paper boxes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles and colors. Presence of immense variety in the boxes is a sign that the boxes can be used for a multitude of purposes. Nearly every major trade, activity and industry has a lot to benefit from the containers. Whether you take into account the apparel industry, gifts-giving, cosmetic and beauty industry, or food, there is no ending to the use of boxes. You may see children toys packaged in fine containers made up of cardboard. So involving is the experience with the boxes that it is commonly said that if you give a child a toy in a box the child will like to play with the box than with the toy.

Apparel industryApparel and clothes industry is one of the largest booming sector around the world. The industry contains many products, from shirts, ties to knitwear, pants, trousers and such items. Keeping, presenting and displaying all those items is a challenge that the boxes are good at taking. Many brands are tirelessly taking advantage of all those beneficial features that the boxes offer.

Cosmetic industryCosmetic sector has been one of the most surprising sectors in terms of its rise and market share. The industry routinely utilizes the packaging of the cardboard material to elevate its worth and value. And it is to no one’s secret that the industry is growing magnificently because of utilizing the best tools of packaging.

Food Sector – We all remember purchasing our favorite candies, chocolates, snacks, pizza and such delicious food items. The packaging of these items involves certain delicacies and intricacies inherent into their nature. Moreover, it is also a challenging to rightly preserve flavor, taste, odor and quality of all these food items. The cardboard packaging boxes fit in elegantly to ensure the best packaging of all food items.

Gifts-giving – Perhaps, no activity is more emotional and sensational as that of giving gifts to the beloved people. There is a lot to decide in when giving to the person you love. In all those decisions, and moments ensuring the fine packaging stands among supreme values. Routinely, millions of people present gifts in colorful and eye-catching selections of the paper containers.


Designing and art styling choices

The cardboard packages are, by every means, high-end solutions. The manufacturing and printing involve high-tech infrastructure to reach the conclusion of availing the finest boxes. In designing and art styling, the boxes offer immense opportunities for adding colors and styles. Designing is fundamental when it comes to ensuring fineness in the packaging boxes. Also, designing is what that shifts the packaging to customer-related preferences. If planned and carried on artistically then the best designing features can directly relate your product branding to customers’ preferences.

There lie limitless choices in cardboard boxes to orient the modes of designing in a way that matters. Partly as a product of their higher rate of customizability, the boxes, therefore, affords with unending artwork choices in Embossing, De-embossing, Die Cutting, Lamination, Foiling, spot UV, gloss UV coating, UV matte, Aqueous Coating, and spot Varnish. Therefore, at the end of the day, you get to enjoy a selection of cardboard boxes which is more like a magnet. The boxes, hence, will serve as a strong attractant to appeal to people and captivate their attention. If the minds which are momentarily distracted will find it hard to resist the temptation the boxes, thus, create. So, in the end, it will be your product which will stand supreme.

Designing and art styling choices

Avail the service of the best packaging firm

Finally, it is essential that you explore the best packaging firm for availing infinity in the selection. Here, we must add that we, at the RSF Packaging, take pride in leading the designing, printing and packaging of cardboard packaging boxes. We ensure the best selection to our customers with essential features of creativity, uniqueness and customizability. Moreover, our firm contains the latest pieces of technology and have immense experience in upgrading businesses and brands. We charge standard prices and offer free designing and shipping to our customers

Working with us is so simple and practical:

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  • What’s your favorite packaging style? As it all depends on your needs, therefore, you are to choose.
  • Do you want to ensure a personalized experience? We will add perfectly customized colors, design patterns, logos.
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So, the time to upgrade your packaging in custom boxes is now. Let’s start!

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