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Need for Covid-19 Measures

In times as such when a pandemic has shifted the world and confined most of the working to homes, certain precautions are must to abide by. It is crucial for the life and safety of the employees and the customers to adhere to certain guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus. In addition, with people in the safety of their homes, more caution is necessary to keep the inside home environment safe and free from contamination.

Covid-19 Precautions

At RSF packaging, we take customer safety very seriously.

We assure you that all the employees of our company adhere to the covid-19 precaution guidelines. This is to ensure employee and public safety. All the workers wear face masks and sanitize their hands every few hours to avoid coronavirus germs. Furthermore, all the equipment used in the company is sanitized on daily basis. We have a special team appointed that makes sure that the precautions are taken and the rules are being followed by each and every individual in the company.

Measures for Product Delivery

Delivery of the order is most dangerous in the covid-19 situation. It involves the transfer of the package from one source to the other. Hence, the chances of transferring the virus are rather often. Moreover, if the customer receives such a package that has been exposed to coronavirus during delivery, they are also at risk of getting the virus. Therefore, we do not tolerate any negligence in any part of the manufacturing or delivery process.

All the delivery officials use sanitizers after making each delivery. This ensures that in delivering a parcel, they do not get any virus germs and transfer them to further people and packages.

If you still feel unsafe in facing the delivery officials and talk to them, do not worry. We have the option of contactless delivery to assist you in this manner.

Your package will be placed at your doorstep and you shall receive a notification for delivery confirmation. The delivery person shall not wait outside and leave as soon as the package is put on your front door.

Once the parcel is placed there, you can go outside and grab it without the chance of meeting or talking to the person who delivered the package.

This prevents the risk of the spread of coronavirus and maintains social distancing to keep you safe and secure.

As we all know that COVID-19 is effecting worldwide which had a great impact on overall businesses and economy. Our dedicated team is striving hard to Fulfill Customer Service needs and Commitment that we intent to keep during this challenging and uncertain time.

Keeping the Client Safe

Customer is an asset for the company and is very difficult to retain. That is why we do not make any compromise. We try to prevent and avoid any issue that might cause customer experience to go wrong. It is guaranteed that the products we provide to you are 100% corona-free and do not cause you to fall sick.

Here are some major concerns for clients regarding corona precautions.

Q: How are you taking care of coronavirus in your facility?

A: We are strictly following the safety guidelines given by the government and the World Health Organization (WHO). We have a team designated to make sure all the SOPs are implemented at our facility.

Q: Will my order be shipped out at time in the covid situation?

A: Yes, your order will reach you at the mentioned time. We are not canceling orders during the pandemic. However, situations may prevail which could cause a delay in the delivery process. Rest assured that sooner or later, your order shall reach you definitely.

Q: How can I contact the company for any questions about my order?

A: You can contact our customer support for any sort of inquiry. Our team will work its best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Q: Will the product or shipping prices change?

A: Prices of the product are not changed in the pandemic. However, if the cost of any manufacturing material changes during this time, prices may then vary slightly.