On time Delivery

COVID-19 Update

Dear Customers,

As we all know that COVID-19 is effecting worldwide which had a great impact on overall businesses and economy. Our dedicated team is striving hard to Fulfill Customer Service needs and Commitment that we intent to keep during this challenging and uncertain time.

Q: How are you taking care of coronavirus (COVID-19) in your facility?

A: We are closely following the safety guidelines from Government and the World Health Organization (WHO), and working hard to make sure all the guidelines are implemented at our facility and been closely observed.

Q: Will my order be shipped out?

A: Yes, Definitely your order will be In your hands by using our offshore facilities in Europe, Asia and West we can easily route your orders to the most productive facility and try our best to get the order delivered. Your order will not be cancelled.

Q: Will my order be on time?

A: As the COVID-19 is effecting worldwide so we might face some difficulties routing orders from offshore facilities which can effect a delivery time however we are striving our best to minimize the delivery time at our best.

Q: How can I contact you if I have specific questions about my order?

A: You can contact us at our Toll-free numbers or with your account manager with no hassle we will try our best your queries should be replied by our staff at earliest with in 24hours.

Q: Will the product or shipping prices change?

A: we will definitely not take any unfair advantage of the current situation, However unless until there is any change in Raw material or any change imposed by shipping companies our prices will remain same.